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Brest cancer diagnosis

Breast cancer is one of the top 4 most diagnosed cancers worldwide. However, too often health solutions for women fail to fully understand their current needs. Indeed, most national healthcare systems use image-based technologies (mainly the mammogram) as their gold standards. However, image-based techniques typically fail to properly identify tumors when used with women with fibrocystic breasts (breast tissue with healthy lumps). Shockingly, around 60% of women do have fibrocystic breasts.

In fact, in 2017, the WHO published the "WHO Position paper on mammography screening" stating an urgent and tangible need for a new solution for breast cancer screening.

Other technologies in the market include the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Whilst this technique provides good visualisation for certain tumour morphologies, it can miss/disregard some other types of breast tumours.

Gene testing is currently becoming a powerful alternative to image-based techniques, but its cost it about $5,000.

The Blue Box, however, can be used at home, with no need of medical knowledge. Additionally, because it is highly software-based, it is considerably inexpensive to manufacture, which translates into being accessible to everyone, regardless of its economical status and health insurance conditions. A Blue Box is worth $80 and can be reused indefinitely, whilst a mammogram and MRI cost $175 and $700 respectively per single use.

Finally, whilst traditional imaging techniques rely on a physician's experience and a subjective opinion, The Blue Box is an objective analysis whose error rate does not depend on the human factor.

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